Questions and Answers

We are not so naive as to believe that there will not be naysayers and competitors that will try their best to cast suspicion on these fabrics. In fact, we are reminded of those that tried to convince consumers that EZ2CY® would not last. When that customer docked next to a boat with an EZ2CY® enclosure that was ten or more years old, still looking like new, the customer was once again educated.


Here is the scoop!
The German company, MEHLER TEX*NOLOGIES, is one of the leading technical textile companies in the world producing close to 60 million yards of coated fabric annually. Their machines are state-of-the-art!

  • Fungicide finish prevents mold stains and mildew from growing on clean product.
  • A coating makes the material very easy to clean.
  • UV stabilizers provide light and water fastness.
  • The fabric has a long durability.
  • The fabrics can be fabricated easily due to their lightweight and good handling characteristics.
  • All CY4EZ™ fabrics receive a five year limited warranty.

Visit the mobile showroom and see for yourself. Ask fabricators to call or write to Jeff Smith about any concerns.

  1. I would ask that you question some of the claims and statements made by others and by CY4EZ™ prior to making a decision.
  2. A product gets touted for its durability, resistance to UV rays and easy care while at the same time the company “recommends” application of a cream or spray offering UV protection every 2-3 months. WHY?
  3. A product claims to have a "unique 'UV-Proof' varnish and graining”. Do you know of anything that is “UV PROOF”?!
  4. A product makes a claim that “mould does not develop on their fabrics”. This is an interesting statement because mould develops on dirt, not fabric!
  5. A company states how many Euros they generate annually and then claim to be “Europe’s leading weaver and fabric-coating specialist”. For them to be the leader they would have to be selling a technical fabric for less than 2.25 Euros per yard!
  6. Rumor has it that one company has actually made efforts to have distributors sign an agreement to only distribute their product. Do you wonder what they are afraid of?
  7. Jeff Smith, a prominent individual in the industry, believes one company strong-armed a distributor into backing out of a convention sponsorship because the individual heading the convention (Jeff Smith) did not back that company’s product.
  8. Click on one company's “Technical Data” for their laminated fabric and you will find specifications for a long list of items. Yet, numbers only grace the weight and width lines. All others are rated “Excellent”. There's also no given method or standard of testing described.
  9. Examination of one company's “weight” reveals that it is listed as ounces per lineal yard. This makes it very hard to compare with the majority of the industry that uses ounces per square yard. Since “lineal” is a measurement of a straight line on the ground we have to assume they meant “linear” but that would make this material suspiciously light (=7.26 sq. yd.).
  10. One company lists their fabric as 62” wide, however our tape measure indicated 61.25" at best. If the material costs $29.00 per yard, you're missing more than $14.00 worth of material on every 30-yard roll. That adds up!

Sadly we have come to expect this kind of twisting of words, meanings, facts and the making of back-room deals but we should not accept or expect it in the world of marine fabrics. Fair competition is welcome!