About CY4EZ™ - Creating THE Marine Fabric

"CY4EZ™ are the incomparable fabrics worthy of being on your incomparable vessel! These exceptional 86” wide waterproof fabrics are available in white, snow white or cream color for fabrication with minimum seams into covers, enclosures, biminis, dodgers, or awnings, etc. that protect your vessel while not detracting from its beautiful lines," stated Jeff Smith.

So who is Jeff Smith? He is someone that knows boats and fabrics! Jeff has been an avid boater for more than 47 years! He has sailed, cruised and fished the Chesapeake Bay as well the Atlantic Ocean. He has owned boats ranging from an 8’ sailing pram to his current 57’ sport-fisherman. He knows the demands the Atlantic can put on a vessel, her crew and her coverings! Jeff also knows fabrics. He began fabricating boat covers at age 15 and subsequently invented and patented EZ2CY® enclosures in 1989. Consequent to EZ2CY® Jeff pioneered many of the most revered aspects of modern enclosures today including track to track installations, marine specific zippers and the use of life-time thread. In addition, Jeff made a little known coated fabric from Switzerland standard on EZ2CY® enclosures. Over and above setting another benchmark, this act would prove instrumental in the acceptance and growth of the Swiss product in the United States.

Jeff’s philosophy of informing the public about why specific components were selected for EZ2CY® (and why others were not) has undoubtedly changed the industry as well as the consumer. Often it was the newly educated consumer who forced the industry change. That education included showing that the strength of laminated fabrics found in the US could clearly be seen in the form of a grid pattern on the underside of the fabric while simultaneously showing its weakness in the many voids of that very same grid. Pointing out the tight weave carrier fabric found in coated fabric (the basis of all technical textiles) with an absence of voids, was relatively easy. Jeff visited the Swiss firm's coating facilities in Switzerland and also the subcontracted weaving mills in Germany and was duly impressed. The Swiss fabric proved itself for many years and it was not until the company sold to a French company, and Jeff began having issues on several levels, that he was prompted to seek a new source. Jeff Smith ceased to have involvement with the operation of EZ2CY Enclosures when in December of 2008, EZ2CY, Inc. purchased from MAL-MAK CORP. various assets. This left Jeff time to pursue and develop better fabrics for the marine industry.

Begin at the beginning! Jeff found a German weaving company possessing more than 60 years coating experience and producing more than 55 million yards of coated fabric annually that would listen to his concerns and ideas. The German company surpassed Jeff’s previous experiences and the resulting CY4EZ™ fabrics are now available for fabrication into covers, enclosures, biminis, dodgers, and awnings, etc. to protect your incomparable vessel. A staff of seven is ready to ship your fabric from a 60,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Virginia. Tell your fabricator about CY4EZ™ or have them call and talk directly to Jeff at (410) 507-1122. And no, CY4EZ™ does not cost more!


Boss Lady, Muff Diver, Tail Walker I and Tail Walker II know how to equip a boat to be a winner! These boats are outfitted with CY4EZ™ Marine Fabric. These boats and their respective Captains are Winners! When getting canvas outfitted they sought advice from Jeff Smith, the inventor of EZ2CY®, the first rigid enclosure. Jeff insisted on CY4EZ™ Marine Fabric, a fabric he has used and recommended for over 6 years and knows it can take the punishment Atlantic offshore fishing demands. “It’s a winner!”